Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Meet Eric!  Eric came to us six months ago, very  malnourished, always wearing a blank stare, not moving much,  a lot of sores on his hands from chewing and scratching himself, and would bang his head alot.
  I have seen so much improvement in Eric.  He eats really well and is starting to fill out a little bit.  He understands his foster mom, even answering her with facial cues and sometimes verbal sounds.  He has gained strength in his hands, arms and legs, as well as his neck and trunk muscles.  We think he has CP, and is very delayed because of his  muscle weakness.  I noticed him several times studying my face when I was holding him, and concentrating on activities going on around him.  He is very aware of his surroundings, and his foster mom is working on getting him to smile.  Eric's sores have healed and he is no longer chewing or scratching his hands and arms.   It was wonderful to see him playing with a toy when it was within reach! 
On one of the visits we had from the government, they were very surprised to see Eric alive!  They honestly thought he was not going to make it!  Yet here he is, growing and improving!
 I see so much wonderful potential in this little boy!  I can't wait to see more improvements as he continues to come out of his shell.
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Our program is helping all these beautiful kids!

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