Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3 with the kids!

Today I surprised all the foster moms and kids with cake and balloons!  I wanted to celebrate and congratulate them on the wonderful care they've been providing, but especially for the praises we have been getting from the government.  Pics of the party will come later!  Enjoy a few pics that the internet allowed to upload.
Cutie Angel!!!

                                Michelle and Gborlee...he was really studying Michelle's face...

Beautiful Grace (the foster moms call her Gracie)

Today was another awesome day of spending a lot of time with all the caregivers and kids.  The cake and balloons went over really well with everyone!  Since we are able to spend so much time with the kids, we are seeing some wonderful personalities come out.  Here is a quick rundown of a few...
Favour interacts so well with her foster mom, playing and teasing, then giggles!  So cute!
Barry is full of smiles and has giggled more than I have ever seen him!
John is loving school and is adorable in his uniform!  Still sings and dances!
William is doing so well, likes hugs on his terms,and continues to improve around crowds. 
Gborlee was playing, smiling and laughing!  I haven't been able to see that before!
Karen was giggling and laughing with her foster mom and a few neighborhood kids.
There's a lot more details, but again, unreliable internet, so I want to send this out!
Goodnight from Liberia! Christina

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