Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is sweet Emmanuel.  He is a one year old little boy, diagnosed with CP.  Looking at his picture, his head also looks to be on the small side, but he looks healthy.  His family does not want him...
The realities of raising a child with 'special needs' in Liberia, is a difficult one.  You can be shunned, shamed and offered no help.  Families see no hope or future with a 'special needs' child.  We have tried to counsel the family and offer our help and support, trying to encourage them to keep sweet Emmanuel.  We have so many wonderful FMN foster moms that want to come alongside a family, and encourage them through example.  Unfortunately for Emmanuel, his family has decided they want to abandon him.   They are done... 
Just like little Diamond, who is on the post just prior to Emmanuels, we are seeking sponsors.  Diamond now has a committed monthly sponsor.  It's Emmanuels turn to have that chance too!  
Will you consider helping sweet Emmanuel?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diamond needs a sponsor...

Diamond is 1.9 year old little boy that has mild Cerebral Palsy.  He is presently living with his family that wants to abandon him and is not taking good care of him.  We need a sponsor to step up for him or a one time commitment of $150, to bring him immediately into the FMN program.
Contact Christina

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making a difference in a special child's life!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!!  I wanted to give you a glimpse of how much of an impact your sponsorship funds have on a special child!

Below are a few 'before and after' pictures of just a few of our FMN kids.

FAVOUR -  (Left picture is of Favour at a feeding center where she was abandoned. Right picture is Favour today in her loving FMN foster home)!

HOPE - (Left picture taken immediately upon arrival from a village where she was being starved. Right picture is happy Hope today, being loved on and cared for)!

BARRY - (Left picture is at a hospital where Barry was living because of being abandoned and no place would take him in.  Right picture is of Barry extremely happy and being loved by his own FMN foster family).

SURVIVOR - (Left picture taken soon after bringing her in our care, abandoned by her family. Right picture taken just a month later, thriving in her FMN foster home)!  

Please consider becoming a FMN sponsor!
Contact Christina Hoffman
or #651-353-5248

Friday, October 14, 2011

Forget-Me-Not Community and Children's Village

The above title, may very well be the future of the FMN Program!  We are excited to share that we are 'brainstorming' the future for FMN!  A whole community, built from the ground up, of foster homes, a community school with special education, a physical therapy department,  a huge playground adapted for all the FMN kids, as well as a community playground incorporated alongside it!   We see using the land as a big part of the 'self efficiency' too!  Gardens, chickens, goats...and land able to produce crops for the community!  So many possibilities and big dreams!  Not only will the FMN kids and foster families be blessed, but the surrounding community as well!  We have plans to train and employ local Liberians for various positions, along with a few Americans to direct and oversee the FMN Village Community. 

We will be visiting various land areas, talking with contractors, etc., before the end of this year!

Look for more information in the near future!

This looks like a mountain to all of us...BUT...God gave us the vision of this village, now it's our job to be obedient and plan forward!

*We invite you to come alongside us and share your commitment of time and talent to build and implement this Village!  This will take a community of others, to build the Forget-Me-Not Community!