Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 6 in Liberia...

Today was our last day to spend with the kids and caregivers.  It's always so sad to leave.  Each and every one of these children are so special, as well and our caregivers and Josephus, the Liberian director.  I'm proud of all their hard work and the love they pour into this program.  It takes so many hands to make a program work, and everyone on our FMN team is truly making it work! This program is changing the lives of these precious children!

Cutie Mohammed!

Our newest caregiver, Martha, and our new boy, Junior!  He is severely afraid of 'white people' and the camera, so we did not get a smile out of him.

This smile is sooooo worth a million bucks!  After just two days in our care, Hope was smiling!!!! She was so weak and dehydrated when she came into our program, she couldn't lift her head or move.  Now, after two days with her foster mom...she's holding up her head briefly, and started moving her arms and legs a little bit. She's going to do great in our program!

Christina and Kou. Kou is my most precious foster mom and the 'overseer' of the other foster moms.  I see the love of Jesus when I watch her with our FMN kids.

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