Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2 at the FMN homes

Today we brought bubbles for blowing, yesterday we brought supplies and gifts for all the kids, tomorrow is a surprise!
The kids are warming up to the camera, as well as us.   We had a lot of smiles!  Barry was funny...he started to cry everytime I walked away from him, he was even trying to 'noodle' his way out of the wheelchair to get down to try to get to me.  Barry has improved so much in his ability to move.  He loves air walking, but mostly loves to be held.  He's got a million dollar smile!  Korpu came right up to me for holding, Melvin did come to me with some coaxing, John was all smiles, William continues to amaze me with his desire to hold my hand and walk around with me.  Karen has been gaining some good weight, and her skin has cleared up so nicely.  She had terrible sores when she came into our program, was even chewing on her feet and lip.  She's looking great now!  Gborlee is just cute, period!  Grace loves to giggle and practice walking...she's adjusting quite well to her foster mom.  We did not have time to see Favour today, but will tomorrow...her foster home is farther out.  Angel, Eric, Surprise and Mohammed are the 'quadruplets!'  Their foster mom, Kou, is an amazing woman...she beams joy and love for each one of these boys.  It was such a treat to spend a long time sitting and chatting with her, and holding all the boys.  Today was a great day of 'chilling' with the moms and loving on all the kids! 
Barry all smiles!

***After several attempts to upload pics, it's just not working.  Most of the pics for the blog will have to wait until we get back to the states.

I forgot to mention this...yesterday the foster moms had bought fresh watermelon for Michelle and I.  We all sat around at Kou's and enjoyed it thoroughly!! 

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