Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hi From Liberia!!!

We are in Liberia, loving on all the kids!  We have had no internet since we got here and don't know how long we will have internet...sooooo...this will be quick and I promise to update the blog on what we have been doing, when I get back to the states.  Internet is also VERY slow!

So far it's been a wonderful blessed trip and we still have a lot to do and see!

The kids are doing excellent and we are loving on all of them!

Promise to update later!!!!

God Bless From Liberia,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some wonderful happenings for Forget-Me-Not...

Here is handsome Gborlee!  He is our newest FMN child.  I have to say, I just fell in love with his picture!  He will be turning 2 and has mild CP.  What a blessing he will be to his foster mom and foster sister!

Our trip to Liberia is coming up quick!  I cannot wait to love on all our beautiful FMN children and build upon the relationships of our foster families!  This is my favorite part of being involved in this wonderful program for 'special needs.'  I am blessed to work alongside such a compassionate team of people.  I have a wonderful Co-Director, Josephus, whose the hands and feet of FMN in Liberia.  He's got an amazing heart for these kids and FMN.  I work very closely with Donna, director and founder of Global Orphan Outreach.  And now our newest member of the FMN team, Leslie.  Leslie truly has a wonderful caring and compassionate heart and is a perfect fit for the FMN Sponsorship Coordinator.  She will be going to Liberia for the very first time this trip!  I'm so excited for her!

As always, everyday is  PACKED full of  things we will be doing.  Therapy and Hygiene training for our caregivers is a very important aspect of FMN, so that is always on the agenda!    We will also have a lot of fun handing out supplies and gifts.  Through some generous donors, we have over 50 Cabbage Patch dolls, 100 dresses from 'Little African Dresses', and over 300 little cars to give to the community kids! Plus, with our group of 7,  we all will be involved in doing a medical outreach for Pastor Peter's village, and giving medical attention to those we encounter along the way during the week.  Our last trip, everyday we encountered children, from several surrounding communities, that needed some sort of care.  This trip, two of the gals coming, have been filling their suitcases with medical supplies that will be utilized the whole week!  We will be well prepared wherever we go!

That is just a sampling of our week!  Keep checking the blog for updates while we are on our trip! 


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Needing two sponsors for some handsome boys!!

The Forget-Me-Not Program is in need of two more sponsors!!!  Surprise (in the above pic), and William, who we are awaiting a good picture.  Please consider becoming part of these precious lives...your support makes such an impact and change in these 'special needs' children's lives.  Thank You!!!