Friday, October 14, 2011

Forget-Me-Not Community and Children's Village

The above title, may very well be the future of the FMN Program!  We are excited to share that we are 'brainstorming' the future for FMN!  A whole community, built from the ground up, of foster homes, a community school with special education, a physical therapy department,  a huge playground adapted for all the FMN kids, as well as a community playground incorporated alongside it!   We see using the land as a big part of the 'self efficiency' too!  Gardens, chickens, goats...and land able to produce crops for the community!  So many possibilities and big dreams!  Not only will the FMN kids and foster families be blessed, but the surrounding community as well!  We have plans to train and employ local Liberians for various positions, along with a few Americans to direct and oversee the FMN Village Community. 

We will be visiting various land areas, talking with contractors, etc., before the end of this year!

Look for more information in the near future!

This looks like a mountain to all of us...BUT...God gave us the vision of this village, now it's our job to be obedient and plan forward!

*We invite you to come alongside us and share your commitment of time and talent to build and implement this Village!  This will take a community of others, to build the Forget-Me-Not Community!

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