Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Family" is an important part of the FMN program!

Below is picture of Josephus, the FMN Liberian Director (on right), with his wife and family, together in their newly rented home!
  Josephus' family has not been able to live with him because of the high expense in the Monrovia area. He would travel all day to their family home every few months and visit for a few days with his family.  He sacrificed a year and a half, being away from his family, as a commitment to the FMN program.
Because family is such an important part of the FMN program, we felt it a priority to raise funds for rent on a home so they could all be together.
The FMN Church Rummage Sale, AND the Garage sale at Michelle's, was able to cover those expenses of the $2500 needed!  So Josephus' family was able to move down to the Monrovia area and be together!
What a blessing it was to finally meet his blessed family in their new home!  They love their 'modern' home and the location.
You can tell how happy they all are by the smiles in the picture!

Thank you to all who helped and donated for the Rummage and Garage sales!  It truly is a blessing to all of us to see Josephus have his family together again!

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