Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3 in Liberia...

It's been wonderful to see all the FMN kids, I miss them so much when I'm gone, as well as the rest of the FMN team here.  All the kids have grown so much since my last trip!!

I've been able to spend a lot of time with each of the kids, and will share some highlights...

Barry continues to show his huge smile whenever we come to visit.  He loves it when I talk and love on him...this kid has the most precious smile and laugh!  He has gotten a lot more stronger and flexible with therapy.

Korpu is the cutest drama queen we have!  She is going to school because of a wonderful sponsor, and LOVES it!  Korpu is such a delight to be around and will gladly give hugs to those she knows!

Alvena is our quiet beauty.  She loves observing and taking everything in.  But, the minute her foster mom comes around, she lights up with her beautiful smile! 

John continues to sing and dance for us...LOVES school and church!  He is the most content and easy going child I have met! 

William, my little butterfly, continues to be more social.  He has more smiles and laughs, and still enjoys coming to hold my hand and walk with me.  He is such a special boy to me.

Gracie is a go getter!  She wants to walk and will be receiving her walker during our trip.  She has such a precious laught and beautiful smile.  Gracie is our social girl.

Gborlee is our silly ham!  The kid has the funniest personality!!  He continues to gain strength and show wonderful signs of pre-vocabulary with all the great sounds he can make. 

Diamond is our newest little boy.  He is one and has CP.  He is quite content being held and talked to, and lights up with foster mom. 

Junior is still afraid of us white people...but getting a little relaxed around us.  He is getting really strong and can stand with assistance.   He truly loves his foster mom and will smile when we aren't looking!

Hope is one who has captured my heart.  She has gotten stronger,  babbles...and has a really cute pouty lip when she gets sad.  Hope is a great cuddle bug! I could hold her all day!

David is slowly gaining weight and has been healthier and more loose since we got him.  I just increased his feedings to hopefully get some weight on him faster.  He looks so much better and is a lot less tense.  


William and foster sister

Peter and Hope (A GOO medical case)



Surprise and Foster mom Kou


Community kids

Jenni and Faith with Mohammed and Gborlee

Barry and Hope

Josephus and Christina on potential FMN land

I will give the rest of the updates on another post.  So for now, enjoy more wonderful pics that Michelle has been taking!

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