Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No pics...not good internet...

So sorry to not be able to update everyone with pictures of all the beautiful FMN kids!!  The internet service here won't let us load any pictures.

I can't wait to show you their wonderful improvements!

Our little Survivor is thriving!  She is looking so healthy, alert, but still such a tiny peanut. 
Little David is so fragile right now...he came to us with chronic Malaria and severe malnourishment, and recently was released from the hospital.  He needs a lot of prayer for his health, and to be able to put some weight on quickly.
William has been my shadow since we got here.  He loves holding my hands!  So cute!
John is always smiling!
Gracie is wanting to go go go!  She loves walking with our help.
Korpu is her normal cute goofy self!
Elvena is quiet, but LOVES to be held!
Hope has gained so much weight, she is sooo healthy.  Always smiling and talking 'baby talk.'
Junior is very attached to his foster mom, and is quite scared of us white ladies.
Gborlee is so stinkin adorable!
Surprise is still our happy boy!
Angel has gotten stronger!
Mohammed is looking like a little boy and is so adorable with his cooing!
AND...the biggest blessing I have received so far, is Eric smiled and laughed for the first time while we were visiting him!  THAT made my heart sing!!!!  This kid has a wonderful personality that has been waiting to come out.  Yahoo!

I promise to keep trying to get pics loaded...but it may not be until I am back in the states...

Our trip is wonderful so far!
God Bless,

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