Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet a little girl named Survivor...

I got a phone call yesterday from Josephus in Liberia, explaining about a baby girl that was abandoned and left in the arms of one of our foster moms.  Her story is a very sad one.  Survivors mom is a prostitute, had not been caring for the child, passed her off to the grandparents, who cannot take care of her either.  They heard about our program, brought her to one of the foster homes, and left.  You can see from these pictures that her special need is severe malnourishment.  These pictures break my heart...I cannot understand how a child can be so neglected and left to starve.  We don't know her exact age, we are estimating 6 months. 

We need immediate sponsorship for this precious one!  Please consider joining our FMN family and watching a child be transformed...
We now have 3 kids who need full sponsorship! Alvena, David and Survivor. If you can't do full sponsorship, please please consider a partial sponsorship.

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