Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can you even imagine?

Can you imagine being an abandoned child in Liberia?  Do you know what it would feel like to not have a momma or a pappa to love and take care of you?  Can you imagine feeling those terrible stomach pains from being hungry for days? Can you imagine being so dirty, thirsty and hot, that just having a small drink of water and some shade would make your day?  Can you imagine not knowing the concept of 'play?'  No toy of any kind?

Of course most of us can't truly imagine or even come close how this would feel.

Now, imagine all of that, plus having a handicap/'special need'...

You are left for dead, abandoned because you are considered demonic, or you just may put a curse on the family.  Can you imagine others considering you such a burden, they treat you less than human?  No one helps you, so you just exist...waiting...

Some of these kids are blessed to have a stranger have pity on them,  bring them to a hospital or the police station.  But then what?  There is no place  'taking in'   just  'special needs' kids, for the purpose of helping them reach their highest potential.  Or, better yet, encouraging families and training them, to keep their 'special child.'   WE ARE DIFFERENT!

Forget-Me-Not Children's Homes and Program, specfically trains a foster family, to take in a 'special need' child.  They are taught therapy, proper hygiene care, equipped with food, supplies, beds, clothes, etc.  Our foster homes are also committed to be these kids parents, and be a witness to their community, that THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN ARE WORTHY AND CAN BE AN AMAZING BLESSING!!! We also encourage families by training, and giving some support of supplies to help take a little of the burden they may feel by the extra care their child requires.

Even though a lot of our kids have some severe disabilities, they are being loved, improving every day, and now have a family, a home, and all their needs met.

FMN is doing what it can to bring hope and help to these special little ones.  We do need your help though!

 We have two new children in our program that need sponsors ($100/per month/per child).  We need another $1500 to help our Toyota 4Runner make it out of the Monrovia port, smoothly.  We need to have two more beds built for our two older children. ($100). 

If you feel that you would like to help in ANY capacity, please email me and let me know!  I will be going to Liberia next month, and cannot wait to see all our precious FMN children.
I will also be sad for not being able to see sweet Kenneths face, and precious Martina! I will truly miss holding those two precious and delicate children.  I do gain comfort in the fact that they had wonderful foster moms, who loved them dearly and are truly mourning their loss.

Please pray for all the 'special children' that are lost, abandoned, starving, and have no home.  Pray for our program to grow in sponsors and children  Pray  for hearts to change,  compassion to grow for 'special children'.  We all can join together and help these children grow, flourish, love and reach their highest potential.

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