Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Favour

We first met Favour at a feeding center on the outskirts of the Monrovia area. She had been abandoned at a police station, who then in turn, brought her to this feeding center. This feeding center helps severely malnourished children, who are referred or brought in by a family member. There are typically no abandoned children here, but they had a heart for little Favour, and took her in. She would get care from whomever was around, a worker or another mom with a child. She had no one in paticular that was loving and caring for her.
Here are some pics we took at the feeding center when we first met her...

Here are some pics with her after being in one of our FMN foster homes, with a foster mom who is loving her, doing daily therapy with her, and feeding her very well as you can see!

Favour is also very attached to her foster mom, who has lovingly taken her in as her own and is doing so wonderful caring for her!

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