Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet another one of our beautiful FMN children...

Surprise is a 2 year old little boy, we were referred from a hospital where he had been abandoned. When we first met Surprise in the hospital, he was born with Microcephaly. He was unresponsive to our voice and touch, had very little muscle tone, and made no sound or gestures. Surprise basically just 'existed' in that bleak hospital bed, no one interacting with him or loving on him. His future for development was unknown...but we knew we could do better than a hospital.
Meet the new Surprise!!!!

Surprise gets therapy from his foster mom every day! His muscles strength has improved throughout his whole body! He smiles and laughs, loves to try to copy your voice sounds, has learned to communicate his needs to his foster mom, and can throw a toddler temper tantrum like any kid! He has a very committed foster mom who truly loves our Surprise!
BUT...Surprise still needs a regular sponsor. Would you like to be his sponsor?

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